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Audio, Video, & Photography


Monday Metal Madness – Small snippet of one show that was taken and submitted on behalf of Stephanie by Red Wolf Radio to the Pinnacle College Media Award.

Monday Metal Madness – Full length episode. Hosted by Stephanie Jackson (Steph) for Red Wolf Radio. This episode was written and pre-recorded by Stephanie.
Monday Metal Madness – Halloween Special full length. Written and recorded live in studio by host Stephanie Jackson (Steph).


Bull Shoals and White River Chamber of Commerce – Haunted Village 1890 promotional video produced/edited and featuring Stephanie Jackson as “Lottie” the living doll, videography by Krissi Greer, music courtesy of prod.NAGS (
Shameless Self Promotion: Corporate Media Production. A promotional video created for prospective students wishing to join the media department at Arkansas State University. Written and produced by Stephanie Jackson.
The Fray: Live at the Convo promotional ad. The objective was to sync the audio with the video and ad scrolling graphics with ticket information.
Carnival of Souls trailer assignment for Video Production course. The objective was to use a film and audio available in the public domain and create a trailer for it.


More coming soon.